Review Systems

Just to be different, and to recognise that people experience movies and games with varying degrees of knowledge, interests and tastes, I have decided to use a different form of review scoring. Instead of actually giving a base numerical score, I have broken it down into recommending a film or game to different potential audiences. That’s not to say that everyone fits into these categories – personally I like to think of myself as a conglomerate of them all. But if you are aware of your own personal tastes and interests, it may indicate that you may like or dislike a movie more than another potential audience.

Film Review Audiences

General Audience

Your typical, slightly uninformed, cinemagoer. The vast majority of the population fits into this category. Tends to only have a vague idea of upcoming films, and only a few genres their really interested in. Sees cinema as more of a casual pastime than anything significant.

Film Buffs

Sort of like what happens to a general audience member after they gain enough film experience points. Has a vested interest in the movie industry, is well-versed in film trivia and techniques, and is consciously aware of every upcoming film and trailer. Basically, if you know what the definition of mise-en-scene is, you’re a film buff.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Probably around 12 years and younger, this audience’s bread and butter is animation and tamer blockbusters. A big deal for many film’s revenue.

True Believers

True Believers are the hardcore fans of a specific franchise or cinematic universe. They’ve read the books/comics/fanfiction and have nickpicked over every trailer, promo and actor choice. Yes, I am aware this is a Marvel term, but in today’s climate of cinematic universes, I’d say its appropriate.


Arthousers are frequent flyer at your local indie cinema. Tends to prefer deep, complex films with multiple meanings and interpretations. See: people who love The Tree of Life.


Named after Citizen Kane, one of the greatest films of all time, these are people who just love the classics. Anything that’s old, black and white, or has stood the test of time is likely to be much coveted by these people. More common the older someone is. See: people who’d watch Casablanca over anything modern.


Sort of like an Arthouser, but with less wine and more red bull. Cultists like the the slightly offbeat unique stuff, particularly with an inventive twist or a lot of imagination. Extra points if the film they love bombed at the box office. See: Donnie Darko, Scott Pilgrim vs the World etc.


Simply looking for pure spectacle. A distant relative to the general audience, but tends to gravitate towards explosions over a quality film. See: people who watch Transformers.


There’s a little bit of Wiseau in all of us. Named after the infamous ‘talent’ behind the arguable worst movie ever made The Room, Wiseaus are a glutton for punishment. The worse a movie is, the better. Normally likes to play exuberant drinking games while watching. See: The Room, Sharknado. 


People who dive into the emotions of a movie headfirst without a life-jacket. Loves the kind of films elicit emotion (particularly crying) whether that be manipulative or genuine. See: most dramas from Marley and Me to 12 Years a Slave. 

Videogame Review Audiences

Casual Gamer

Only plays videogames infrequently, or just with friends. Most likely to own just the one console with only a smattering of party games and maybe one AAA title.

Hardcore Gamer

Gamers that play many different games frequently. Like the film buff, Hardcore Gamers are basically the upgraded, more dedicated version of the casual gamer.


Looking for games that are complex and demanding. Say Dark Souls or convoluted JRPGs. The deeper and more time they can spend with a game, the better.


Typically the one guy who laments ‘I only play games for the story!’ Doesn’t really care for multiplayer games or strategic depth – more looking for a game to be a really really long but good movie. Most likely to be playing AAA single player games and choose-your-own-adventure experiences like Telltale and Bioware.


Basically the opposite of the Narrative-driven. Spends most of their game time playing with friends and screaming into a mic. Most likely to be playing shooters like COD and Battlefield, as well as MOBAs and MMOs.

Indie Gamers

Basically the game equivalent of Art Housers, these guys only play games that are really small, unique and short. Probably heard gushing over The Stanley Parable or Gone Home at some point.

Triple As

The opposite of Indie Gamers, these guys only play the big releases. Everything from you Fallouts to your Halo, if there’s high production values and very popular, they’re into it.


Now this list isn’t exhaustive, I may be adding more as they occur to me. I won’t be commenting on the relevance of each product to every audience, only the ones that matter. As for the recommendations themselves, they’re a little bit more boring. From worst to best:

1- Burn it

2- Not recommended

2.5- Meh

3- Recommended

4- Highly Recommended

5- Must-Watch/Must-Play

That’s it! Hopefully this has clarified any confusion with my system. Now back to the reviews…