Oscar Winners 2017

The endurance test of the Oscars ceremony is finally over, and has graced the world with its infinite wisdom of what was objectively the best piece of art released from October to December last year. Lets get into how surprisingly right I was.

Read me predictions here.

Best Picture

Winner: The Shape of Water (Predicted)


Starting off with the grand prize and its no surprise to see Shape of Water taking the win (and not having to go through #Envelopegate thankfully). As I said in my predictions, as much as Dunkirk was my favourite of the year, not upset to see The Shape of Water get its moment in the spotlight. Guillermo Del Toro deserves it.


Best Director

Winner: Guillermo Del Toro (Predicted)


Speaking of Guillermo Del Toro, he also received his own moment in the spotlight. Just like Shape of Water winning Best Picture, not that upset… even if I did closed my eyes and pretended it was for Pacific Rim.


Best Actor

Winner: Gary Oldman (Predicted)


Mr. Oldman in a fat suit takes the prize. A great performance, and an easy prediction. Well deserved, even if this isn’t a career-high performance overall.


Best Actress

Winner: Frances McDormand (Predicted)


As much as I would’ve liked to see Sally Hawkins take the surprise win, it was always going to be McDormand’s show. And what a hell of a show she gave. Best speech of the night? Definitely. Best performance? Debatable.


Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Allison Janney (Predicted)


Once again the Oscars do not surprise with their choices. A great performance, albeit a showy one and arguably not the categories’ best, she at least graced the world with probably the best opening speech line of the night: “I did it all by myself”. Quality.


Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Sam Rockwell (Predicted)


Predicted, but still disappointing. After my predictions went out, I actually got around to seeing Willem DaFoe in The Florida Project just in time for me to start rooting for him and then immediately having my hopes dashed. Potentially my least favourite performance in a stacked category, Rockwell was good but he’s been so much better elsewhere, and almost any other nominee deserved it more in my humble opinion.


Best Adapted Screenplay

Winner: Call Me By Your Name (Predicted)


Well, at least Call Me By Your Name got something out of the night. I just wish it wasn’t done by subsequently stealing the Oscar from Sorkin, but so be it.


Best Original Screenplay

Winner: Get Out

Get Out

As I expected, the only award Get Out got out of the night, and it was well deserved. I’m sure this going to be the start of a beautiful career and at least this Oscar recognises just a little bit of what Jordan Peele achieved with his debut.


Best Cinematography

Winner: Blade Runner 2049 (Predicted)

Blade Runner 2049

Finally! 14 nominations too late, but the Academy has finally recognised potentially the greatest cinematographer of all time in Roger Deakins. As great as it would’ve been to see Rachel Morrison get recognition for not only her work on Mudbound but also her recent appearance as cinematographer for Black Panther, but this was always going to be Deakins award, and its bloody well deserved after such an illustrious career.


As for the rest:

Best Costume Design: Phantom Thread (Predicted)

Best Film Editing: Dunkirk (Predicted: Baby Driver. Guess the Academy wasn’t so fond of classic rock)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Darkest Hour (Predicted)

Best Production Design: The Shape of Water (Predicted)

Best Score: The Shape of Water (Predicted)

Best Song: Remember Me (Coco) (Predicted. There might just be justice in the world)

Best Sound Editing: Dunkirk (Predicted)

Best Sound Mixing: Dunkirk (Predicted)

Best Visual Effects: Blade Runner 2049 (Predicted: War for the Planet of the Apes. No love Serkis’ way)

Best Animated Feature: Coco (Predicted. There IS justice in the world)

Best Documentary Feature: Icarus (Predicted)

Best Foreign Language Film: A Fantastic Woman (Predicted)

Best Animated Short: Dear Basketball (Predicted)

Best Documentary Short: Heaven is a Traffic Jam on the 405 (Predicted)

Best Documentary Short: The Silent Child (Predicted: Dekalb Elementary)


Out of the 24 possible categories I ended up predicting a pleasantly surprising 21/24. Quality guesses or just a predictable year? Tell me in the comments and stick around for later in the week when I finally dive into my second annual Batsies – celebrating the best and most Batman-like films of 2017. Adios!


2 thoughts on “Oscar Winners 2017

    1. Nice job! That’s still nothing to sneeze at – I got 16/24 last year I think. This time I was a little more aware of the below the line categories which I think helped.

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