Melbourne International Film Festival 2017

That’s right! Yours truly is attending the Melbourne International Film Festival of 2017. Older than every festival in the US (and even London by a year), Melbourne may not enjoy being in the ranks of Cannes and Toronto, but its prestige and appeal are still not to be trifled with.

I’ll be posting links and general recommendations in here as the Festival goes on. I’ve got 12 screenings booked so I’m gonna be kept busy in the absolute best way possible. Enjoy!

WonderstruckOverall: Highly Recommended.

Marlina the Murderer in Four PartsOverall: Highly Recommended.

Ethel and ErnestOverall: Highly Recommended.

Call me by Your NameOverall: Highly Recommended.

Ali’s WeddingOverall: Recommended/Meh.

Bad Mom DinnerOverall: Not Recommended (but Burn It on a bad day).

The Lost City of ZOverall: Recommended.

My Entire Highschool Sinking into the SeaOverall: Must-see/Highly Recommended.

JungleOverall: Meh


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