Oscars 2016 Breakdown

So how about that ending huh? That was a bad shyamalan twist of epic proportions – shocking, confusing and leaving the audience horribly unsatisfied.

But now onto the winners! See my predictions here.

Best Picture



Oh wait sorry, that’s not right…


Moonlight (predicted La La Land)

In the shock upset of the century, the clear front-runner for the ENTIRE Oscar race was usurped at the last second by the one Oscar nominated film that I haven’t seen. I was genuinely shocked. I guess I need to see it now. Just wow. While I predicted (and hoped honestly) that La La Land would win, I never could have seen this coming.


Best Director


Damien Chazelle (predicted Damien Chazelle)

Well, it might not have won Best Picture, but La La Land was still the Best Directed film of the year. While that makes very little sense, at least Chazelle walked away with the well deserved award – even if he lost the big one by a hair’s breadth.


Best Actor


Casey Affleck (predicted Denzel Washington)

While I may have pegged Denzel to win Best Actor, my hopeful choice was always going to be Casey. And he won! So while I may have guessed wrong, I am more than happy to see this bloke finally get the recognition he deserves.


Best Actress


Emma Stone (predicted Emma Stone)

Both my pick and personal favourite, no one was more deserving to walk away on the night with an Oscar than Emma Stone.


Best Supporting Actress


Viola Davis (predicted Viola Davis)

While my personal preference was to give the little statue to Michelle Williams, I have to admit I’m not particuarly sad to see Davis leave with the win. She was still excellent in Fences, and one of the bearable performances in Suicide Squad which is a feat unto itself. And considering history has now been made with the first african-american woman winner of an Oscar? I’d say that’s a pretty solid outcome.


Best Supporting Actor


Mahershala Ali (predicted Mahershala Ali)

Well, while I can’t say much about his performance in Moonlight (yet), Ali was still a very welcome and impressive presence throughout the year with performances in Hidden Figures and Luke Cage. Do I still wish Lucas Hedges took the glory? Yes, but from what I’ve seen from other performances, Ali is definitely talented enough to deserve an Oscar.


Best Animated Feature


Zootopia (predicted Zootopia)

Both my pick and my personal favourite, no other film last year was more deserving of the title Best Animated Feature than Zootopia. 


Best Cinematography


La La Land (predicted La La Land)

Well deserved (as was every award La La Land received), the cinematography of this film was just something else. Even in a tough category with solid competition from Silence and Arrival, it still managed to snag another gold trophy comfortably.


Best Visual Effects

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book (predicted The Jungle Book)

I wish I had been wrong honestly. While I can certainly see the merit, I would have loved an Oscar go Kubo’s way at the very least to spread some recognition to Laika rather than Disney. But alas. A 95% fully animated movie does make sense for Best Visual Effects.


Best Adapted Screenplay


Moonlight (predicted Moonlight)

Well, I called it, even if a small part of me desperately wanted Arrival to get the win. As I’ve said, tough to judge a film I’m yet to see, but hopefully that will be changing soon (and after the Oscars I hope it lives up to expectations).


Best Original Screenplay


Manchester by the Sea (predicted Manchester by the Sea)

Even though my personal favourite in the group was definitely Hell or High Water, its hard to feel too bad considering how powerfully real Manchester‘s script was. It was great to see some love go the way of writer/director Lonergan after there was little chance of winning Best Director or Picture.


So how did I do? While I only handpicked a number of categories rather than the full 24 (which I hope to accurately do next year), I’m proud to admit I predicted 9 out of the 11 I guessed. Apart from how horribly offensive that statistic is, that ain’t bad. Now here’s hoping the media firestorm about the Best Picture upset doesn’t consume us all enough to the point that we can get back to the things we actually love – the movies themselves.


2 thoughts on “Oscars 2016 Breakdown

    1. 15 out of 24 is still a solid effort! And that end surely was something. I felt a mixture of horrible embarrassment over the whole thing while at the same time being rather amused I was seeing history being made.

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