Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3 – New World Order Review

Episode Three of Telltale’s Batman series is finally the one that got me hooked. Episode one was decent, episode two was a solid improvement but episode three is where its story has now been propelled into the upper echelon of Batman tales.

New World Order is the third episode of Telltale’s Batman point-and-click narrative adventure game. Once again it stars Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne/Batman who now must deal with a new sinister organisation known as the Children of Arkham as they continue to terrorise Gotham after the events of episode two.

Its at this point in the series that Telltale have begun to capitalise on the relationships established in episode one and two. One situation after another made me realise that I legitimately cared about characters like Harvey Dent and Catwoman in a way that I have never experienced in other Batman media. I felt legitimately invested when I trusted them, comforted them and even betrayed them. And not only that, but the story itself has finally found its groove. Gone is the clunky exposition of episode one, and now we are in the thick of an awesome Batman mystery that I’m still unable to predict. Without spoiling much, episode three ends with a jaw-dropping twist that even in my craziest Bat fever dreams I never would have predicted. Episode four cannot arrive fast enough.

On the gameplay side, its business as usual. The QTE’s are easy but great to watch, and the detective minigame of connecting clues is still far to simple. Its a promising idea, but still hasn’t developed to the point of making you feel like an actual detective. And speaking of things that haven’t changed, the usual host of bugs that have swarmed this series are back in force, frustrating me with no end with constant out of sync sound and serious framerate drops. I hope that’s one thing that Telltale finally solves before we hit our big finale.

But even so, this is the best episode of the series so far and what I’ve hoped for from the moment this endeavour was announced. Batfans rejoice.

Casual Gamer: Highly Recommended

Hardcore Gamer: Recommended

Narrative-drivers: Must-play



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