Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2 – The Children of Arkham Review

The Dark Knight Returns on literally every system ever.

The Children of Arkham is the second episode of Telltale’s Batman point-and-click narrative adventure game. Once again it stars Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne/Batman whose left reeling after the revelations about his family legacy in episode one.

Children of Arkham represents a significant improvement on Telltale’s introductory episode. Gone is the constant exposition and sloppy pacing, and what’s left is an episode that’s half an hour shorter but far more effective in propelling this engaging mystery forward. All that setup in episode one has paid off as Arkham is totally focused on finally setting the wheels in motion for a solid Batman story. Telltale has done an excellent in manipulating the expectations of batfans such as myself in order to ensure I can’t actually predict what is going to happen. There are some gutsy storytelling decisions in episode two that absolutely pay off. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

The gameplay is effectively identical to the systems that were established in episode one, but the detective minigame of piecing together information has slightly ramped up in its complexity, a trend I hope Telltale continues in order to make a legitimately challenging and engaging investigative experience that the series promised.

A number of the issues of episode one do unfortunately carry over. Troy Baker is still disappointingly bland as Bruce/Bats, and there I also suffered from a significant number of glitches and slow down on the PC version. But overall, Children of Arkham is a step in the right direction, and has only built my excitement for episode three.

Casual Gamer: Highly Recommended

Hardcore Gamer: Recommended

Narrative-drivers: Highly Recommended


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