Oscar Predictions 2015: Best Adapted Screenplay

Now I can let loose about Steve Jobs. 

Biggest Snubs

WHERE THE HELL IS STEVE JOBS?! Its a bafflingly ridiculous snub. Not only was the writing one of the best parts of Jobs , Sorkin himself has been nominated twice before for similar films (The Social Network and Moneyball) and it seems bizarre that he would be snubbed this time, particularly over Ex Machina and Straight Outta Compton. Really disappointing. Steve Jobs shows his incredible skill for fast exchanges, biting wit and intelligent character development, and while it probably isn’t his best script (more a testament to his work rather than a criticism of Jobs), it still absolutely deserved a nom.

My personal favourites

Aside from the frustrating Jobs snub, this is still a solid category. Note I have not yet seen Carol and Brooklyn (sadly), but Martian, Room and Short all boast impressive screenplays. While I’d say Room is more of an actors film than a writer’s, it still takes a good screenplay for actors to achieve such an impressive performance so I don’t think its undeserved. The Martian was such a great movie and a crowd pleaser that its awesome its getting some more love, although I do think the balance of the parallel stories wasn’t quite as perfect as it could have been. And The Big Short? Its script is incredibly impressive in how it explains difficult concepts and maintains three separate and distinct storylines. Its constantly shocking, clearer than a film about banking has any right to be, and is damn impressive for McKay.

Who will probably win

The odds have The Big Short leading by a large margin, with Room a distance away and Brooklyn, Martian and Carol all with very low chances. And I think that’s actually fair. My personal pick is Short, with Room close by, and it seems like both of those have the best shots. Shame Martian has such low odds, but next to such competition I shouldn’t be surprised.


After my outrage that Aaron Sorkin was snubbed for Steve Jobs settled down, I came to realise (of the movies I have seen) this is a solid category. While Short is the likeliest and most deserving to win, both Room and Martian deserved the nom. So yeah, aside from Jobs, good job.


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