Oscar Predictions 2015: Best Original Screenplay

Best Original Screenplay, even though three out of five nominees are based on real events.

Biggest Snubs

Honestly, I couldn’t think of any. Many of the screenplays I was gunning for a nom are adapted screenplays which makes this category pretty straightforward. Maybe Mad Max, but you’d struggle to even call that a screenplay considering the entire script was done through storyboards.

My personal favourites

Honestly, I was really pleased that Inside Out got some love outside of Best Animated Feature. Not only was it one of the best films of last year and a stellar return to form for Pixar, it has an intelligence and imagination that far exceeds almost every other movie from 2015. Additional noms to animated flicks are uncommon, but when they do occur you know its for something special, and Inside Out is exactly that.

Who will probably win

Straight to the point, Spotlight is leading by a large margin in the odds. Inside Out follows slightly behind, and then after a huge gap comes Bridge of Spies, then Ex Machina and Straight Outta Compton. I was surprised that Compton got a nom at all, (thought it was good but not great), and was very pleased that Ex Machina got some respect – but clearly both films have little chance of winning. I wouldn’t be sad if Spotlight got the win, but I don’t think it was a particularly revolutionary or incredible, especially next to Inside Out. So yes, I do think Inside Out deserves it far more, but Spotlight is still not a bad choice. Just… standard.


Hopefully Inside Out gets the respect it deserves. Its by far the best choice. That being said, I think both Spotlight and Ex Machina do deserve the nom – just not the win.


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