Oscar Predictions 2015: Best Cinematography

Basically, which one is the prettiest?

Biggest Snubs

Steve Jobs

A great list of nominations, except for the single omission of Steve Jobs. Particularly over The Hateful Eight, Jobs is visually engaging and rich in situations where it almost has no right to be. Two people talking in a hallway shouldn’t look as interesting as Boyle and cinematographer  Alwin H. Küchler make it. Its damn impressive, but sadly Cinematography is just another snub to Jobs repertoire.

My personal favourites

All of them! Ok, except for possibly The Hateful Eight (good, but minimal scope). The Revenant was jaw-droppingly beautiful, Sicario was hauntingly bleak, Mad Max was groundbreaking, and the short stints I’ve seen of Carol is lush and unique (although haven’t yet seen the whole film). Of course I’m biased towards Fury Road nabbing the spot, but I really don’t think there’s a wrong pick here. Well, bar Hateful Eight.

Who will probably win

The Revenant is far and beyond the favourite (understandably so) with Fury Road and Carol taking second and third respectively (according to the current odds). I do personally think there is a slight chance for legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins (for Sicario) to finally nab the win although the odds would suggest otherwise. Considering his incredible filmography and ridiculous 13 Oscar noms with zero wins, I think he absolutely deserves to get at least one. Unlikely, but one can hope.


All well deserving (bar Hateful Eight), Best Cinematography is a tough category to pick. While The Revenant will probably get it, I’m hoping some love finally comes Fury Road’s way. But alas! We shall see.


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