Oscar Predictions 2015: Best Supporting Actress

All deserving. Especially Winslett.

Biggest Snubs

Tessa Thompson, Creed

Creed! Again! Why on earth does Creed have to be constantly delegated to being snubbed?! Its far more deserving than that. Anyway, while she’s certainly not the standout role in the film, Tessa Thompson still delivers a subtle, smart performance that elevates her from the standard love interest into a full character well deserving of all the screen time she receives. Granted, I don’t know which of these actresses I’d swap out for her (slightly difficult because I haven’t seen Carol and don’t want to see The Danish Girl) but I still believe she (and Creed) deserves some damn respect.

My personal favourites

Of the three performances I have seen? Winslett by far. Similar to Creed in that I wanted Steve Jobs to get some recognition (its really good), Winslett is a personal favourite of mine and an outstanding actress in almost every role (just pretend Divergent doesn’t exist). That sentiment still stands in Jobs when not only does she play off Fassbender brilliantly, she has to showcase her character in three distinct time periods and does it flawlessly. Very deserving of the Oscar.

Who will probably win

It is difficult considering I haven’t seen two of the films, but the odds clearly puts Mara and Vikander as the frontrunners. While I cannot attest to Vikander in Danish Girl, she was exceptional in Ex Machina and while it is for a different role, I’m happy to shut my eyes if she wins and pretend it was for Machina. Carol I’m hoping to see soon, but judging from critical reception it seems Mara does deliver a great performance. My only gripe that it really is a safe choice for the Academy but I’ll decide that for myself when I finally see Carol.

As for the rest? Jennifer Jason Leigh and Rachel McAdams both delivered great performances and deserved the nominations. While McAdam’s was very subdued and really succeeded in how she played off the rest of Spotlight‘s incredible cast, Jason Leigh was in full Tarantino mode for The Hateful Eight. Hence, your opinion on Tarantino’s style will be the judge of whether you liked her performance, but for me personally I thought she was incredibly memorable in a film full of great performances, so respect her way.


While once again Creed falls short (WHY?!), the nominees are still a solid much. Not spectacular like Supporting Actor, but still all deserving. I’d be overjoyed if Winslett won, but until I see Danish Girl and Carol, I shall not pass judgement.


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