Oscar Predictions 2015: Best Supporting Actor

Possibly the one category I agree with all nominations. Finally.

 Biggest Snubs

None. Yep, nothing comes to mind. The closest possibly is The Gift’s Joel Edgerton, but there’s no way that film was going to get any real nominations so I don’t feel distraught. So I think this is the first time I can unironically say ‘good job Academy’.

My personal favourites

As I’ve mentioned I’m happy with every nomination, but my Creed review clearly indicates the nostalgic choice for me is definitely Stallone. He floored me and just on the basis of his career (which the Academy definitely loves to do) I personally would be very pleased if he got the win.

That being said, I wouldn’t be sad if Christian Bale finally got some more Oscar love. To anyone who’s read my Dark Knight personal spotlight, its clear I shall always look upon Bale with fondness, but even on top of that, his performance in The Big Short was transformative. Once again Bale got lost in the role and simply watching him in the movie makes it impossible to imagine him as Batman three years prior.

And another personal favourite (told you I was pleased with this category), Mark Rylance was also a revelation in Bridge of Spiesand also possibly deserves the Oscar. I had never seen, nor barely heard of Rylance until I walked into that excellent Spielberg picture, and I was clearly missing out. He was warm, secretive, funny and subdued all through Spies and by far one of the best parts of that film. As much as I love Stallone and Bale, Rylance is no less deserving.

Who will probably wins

While I’d be happy if any of those three won, its unfortunately not up to me. The odds have Stallone ahead closely followed by Rylance, then a big margin with Bale, Ruffalo and Hardy lagging behind. Ruffalo and Hardy are clearly the outside picks, and while I thought they were both good, they’re nominated roles are not their best work. I think they deserved the nom, but not the win. So while Stallone has an edge thanks to his legacy alone, but its still possible for Rylance to steal the win away from his long filmography. I would (slightly) prefer if Stallone did get the victory though – this might be his last shot and Rylance is going to have plenty of times in the spotlight. But either way, I’m happy.


A great selection of talented actors and good performances this year. While Stallone is the deserving front runner, everyone nominated has earned it regardless of the outcome. That being said, Creed (finally) for the win.


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