Thomas Was Alone Review

This game stars a rectangle. Yep, its an indie, but its a lot cuter and more complex than its quadrilateral protagonist suggests.

Thomas Was Alone is created by Mike Bithell and follows the exploits of sentient A.I.s in a computer mainframe. These A.I.s are represented by different shaped quadrilaterals, all with different properties and impressively distinct personalities. Danny Wallace provides a constantly pleasant narration through the entire experience, and its through him that each block is formed into a lively, unique character. Its not always well implemented into the levels, but the script is so whimsical and interesting that its one of the highlights of this little experience. The story itself is a little obtuse (sorry, couldn’t resist) but light enough that it never really gets in the way of the characters and gameplay.

The gameplay itself isn’t anywhere near as unique as Thomas’ story ideas. Its a standard platformer using multiple characters, and it stays quite drab and typical for the majority of the game. Its not till the later sequences that new ideas begin to make the platforming more engaging. That said, the steady introduction of new mechanics and difficulty curve is almost perfect. Its never too taxing or obtuse (there it is again), which means its unlikely anyone is going to get really frustrated.

Thomas Was Alone is a unique, charming little 2 hour journey with memorable characters and several interesting ideas. While the gameplay itself isn’t anywhere near as memorable as what frames it, its still a pleasant experience you’re unlikely to regret.

Casual Gamers: Recommended

Hardcore Gamers: Recommended

Indie Gamers: Highly Recommended


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